Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review 001: Hair BOWS to LOVE

Hello everyone! This last few days I've been busy in my work and even at home that's why I wasn't able to find time to take a picture of me wearing these beautiful bows.Every girl loves to wear bows or ribbons because it makes us more feminine and bring out the stylish that we have in ourselves. So here are some of the inspiration photos on how you wear your bows with a unique style.

Today, I'am going to have a review on a bows that I bought online. The truth is I bought this bows two-three months ago already. I'am very sorry if I posted it just now.. (Shy!) So it's a great opportunity to me to feature this hair bows in my blog. I bought this hair bows in Teramoda, an online shop in Instagram that sells not just a bows but also a classy shoes/wedges. One of the seller of Teramoda is Prissie, a good friend of mine. hihi. 

This is the cute yellow packaging with the shop tag . 

I bought four hair bows in different color and design and in a small size only. I didn't choose the big ones because it would not be appropriate in my work. Hehe. I  choose yellow and blue because in my work we used to wear yellow shirt if it is Wednesday and blue if Saturday. So I think it's much better to have these colors. 

Bow 1: It's a Hello Kitty design in pink color. Yayy! Of course, I included these in my order because Hello Kitty is my favorite. These bow comes from a soft fabric. It is very light and can use it in any kinds of hairstyle you want. Definitely, my favorite one to use! 

Bow 2: They called this as "Polka Loca" hair bow in yellow color. Love the simplicity of this bow and it also comes in a soft fabric. I used to wear it every Wednesday in my work because it suits perfectly in my office yellow shirt. 

Bow 3:  Another "Polka Loca" hair bow but it's in blue color. Yes you read it well. I bought two polka dots hair bows but in different color. It seems that polka dots is a cute design and a good catch of attention. I wear this every Saturday. 

Bow 4: A girly floral hair bow which is a perfect hair bows for kikay out there. I pair this floral bow in my floral bag because they match perfectly! I'am loving this bow too! 

So those adorable hair bows is attached in a snap clip. For me snap clip is much better and much easier to put bows in your hair. Teramoda offer bows in a form of snap clip, alligator clip, and also as headband or for pony tails. Hair bows is not only for little girl but if you have a fashion sense in you and use your imagination you can style better your hair bows. So ladies, bring out the kikay or girly thing inside of you! 

 Hair bows from Teramoda: Instagram 

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  1. So cute!!!! I love the polka dotted one and the floral ones! Seriously love how cute these are! :)


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