Friday, August 23, 2013

Wishlist 001: Fly with Hello Kitty

Have you ever dream of riding in a Hello Kitty airplane? Or did you wish before that someday you want to see a Hello Kitty plane in an airport or flying above the sky? If you're going to ask me absolutely YES! And nowadays, nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. Everything is high tech and sometimes things that you think are impossible to make is possible now. That's how fast is the evolution of our technologies.

So back to my kitty topic, did you know that EVA Air, a Taiwanese Airlines and Sanrio, a Japanese toy manufacturer had a collaborative project of three of their planes with the image character of Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is the famous cat in the world. And I'm a fan! The Hello Kitty character appeared on an aircraft which is an Airbus A330-200 with the design of Hello Kitty from inside and out and from nose to tail of the plane. Can you imagine how cute it is?!

So here's more inside the Hello Kitty Airplane of EVA Air!

What a yummy foods to eat. Are you going to eat this? 

 Plane's seat  head rest is covered with Hello Kitty with a multi-colored pillows.

Playing cards with the Sanrio character.

A Hello Kitty snack flight.

The Flight Attendants in their Hello Kitty uniforms poses for which of the three Kitty meals you would like to try.

Want to have a coffee? Here's there Hello Kitty cup

Whoooaah! Me too was amazed on what I see. I badly want to ride here. So look at the next picture.

They also have a customized Hello Kitty pink check-in area that' so pretty and even the cards are in pink color too! OMG!!

So if you guys want to try it or wanna know more about it just check their website:  
That's what their website look like. Just click the image to redirect to their site.

Hello Kitty EVA Air is completely a dedicated website to Chinese, Korean, Japanese and English. So happy to browse their website because it has an English translation. hihi ^^ It is the first generation of Hello Kitty airplane in the world. That's why it's easy to attract everyone's attention and even international attention. Because of it Hello Kitty Jets gained awards/recognition from Wallpaper Magazine in the United Kingdom for Best Livery. Extending the loveable theme beyond the unique aircraft liveries to more than 100 special Hello Kitty service items, EVA's second generation of Hello Kitty Jets have created further excitement. Hello Kitty Jets make EVA stand out as more than just another airline.

Have a safe flight with Hello Kitty Jet!! Someday I'll gonna try it too. By the way,here's only the flight route of Hello Kitty EVA Air.

Thank you for reading this wonderful post. I want to know any of your opinions/suggestions from this. Or just let me know if you have already fly with Hello Kitty. Bye~bye!

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