Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday Girl 생일축하합니다

                  Hello everyone! This day, August 09, 2013, is the most important day of my life since it;s my "born day". I just want to thank those people who made my day extra special, who greeted me online, thru sms and even personal. 사합니다 (gamsahabnida) from the bottom of my heart.
                  This day was declared as Holiday because it's Hariraya of Muslim. Since it's holiday we still have to report at work and because of it only few establishments were open. So I decided to bought foods in the Jolibee as my treat in my office mates and also Jolibee is near in our branch.

These are the foods that I bought in Jolibbe.
Thanks to Jolibee for letting our tummy (including my two office mate) to feel the satisfaction. Hihi.. Yeah right I don't have a cake it's because there's no cake shop near in our branch. And it's just that I don't want to blow a candle. Maybe because there's no need to do with it. Before we eat we decided to take some pictures.  Aaah! You know what, if it's holiday then it's Fashion Day in our workSo I took advantage of it that's why I dressed up beautiful in my special day. Lol!

          Honestly, I'am inspired to make the so called #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) that trends first in Instagram world and done by many people in other social networking sites. I have a fashion sense and loves to mix and match my clothes to achieve the look that I want. So I made it a little formal (which is suit in my work) but still a kikay or girly look.   Thank you to my dearest friend and our Branch Manager, Lea Clarin, who became my photographer. She's helping me on what to do, how to pose and how to smile.

          Actually, those necklace and skirt that I wore is what I won in a giveaway contest. I'm too happy that my custard top match perfectly  in the skirt. Thank you to the beautiful blogger, Kai for these wonderful gift. I just want to share some facts about myself.. Everytime I want to try to pose like a model, It's hard for me to achieve the pose with  a serious face (means without smile and eyes with full of emotions) and I badly hate that. **sigh** Anyway, I'll just keep on trying  until I achieve the model-look HAHA :D So, I'll leave you all here. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend ahead. #TGIF Bye~bye

Custard Top from Local Store
Navy Blue Pemplum Skirt from Kai Grafia
 Colorful Spike Necklace from Kai Grafia
Black Cardigan from Local Store

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