Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello Kitty Invades My Tummy

                             Hello! I'm happy to have my first post ever here in my personal blog. By the way, I'm going to filled this blog everything that talks about myself and things that I like, such as Hello Kitty, Kawaii, Gyaru, Kpop, OOTD, Reviews and Beauty and Fashion. Let's start this!
                               About a month ago, I saw a post about Hello Kitty junk food in other blog (Sorry but I can't remember anymore the site!) And because of it I started to get curious and badly want to try it too. I've tried to look for it in any supermarkets here in our place but I've got nothing so I contacted my Aunt who is in the Manila right now and ask for a favor to buy the Hello Kitty Food in any Seven Eleven Store. I'm just so thankful that my aunt is so generous and find it for me. Hihihi
Hello Kitty Filled Biscuits in Strawberry Flavor

Tadaaaa!!! And at last here is my precious Kitty foodie.Dreams do really come true as fast as a blink of an eye. How I wish I can go to Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, Korea to try their best Kitty dishes and to feel like a princess eating in a Kawaii Cafe of Hello Kitty and most of all to take pictures in every corner of it. LOL!

It takes a week after I finally decided to eat this yummy goods because at first I just want to keep it as one of my collections. But how can I refuse to eat this, when my tummy is craving to death for it. So I opened one just to try it. 

Look how lovely the packaging is.. (Yeah right it's my first time to try this that's why I'm pretty obvious that I'm so happy) Before I opened this one I decided that I'm going to cut those lettering and Hello Kitty just to put in my notebook.

Here's how it looks the biscuit and it is filled with strawberry.. Yummmy! I finished to eat the first pack for a minute only coz as far as I remember I think it only have 10 biscuits inside. Honestly, I promised to eat just one pack.. unfortunately I finished all of it in just two days. heehee The biscuits is so delicious and sweet but I advise you to eat this together with water or else you'll have a tonsillitis because of it's sweetness. At least my tummy is satisfied with it.
Price? Hello Kitty biscuits cost around ten pesos
Where to buy? In any supermarkets/grocery or just go to any Seven Eleven Store

That's all for today my yummy readers. Oh by the way, I saw yesterday in Gateway Supermarket that they're selling a Hello Kitty foodie and I'll surely to buy one box of it. Of course, I'll keep the box of it. Till next time! Bye-bye 

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  1. Hello your blog is super cute! Followed on both GFC and bloglovin ^^ those hello kitty biscuits are really adorable I didn't know they exist lol but if I had it I wouldn't dare to eat them xD looking forward to your upcoming cute posts :3

    1. oohh thank you misa lee :)i really exert some effort to make this blog soo cute! i do follow you too because i enjoy reading your post. hihi.. it's hard for me to not to try this yummy biscuit. Surely i'll post more cute interesting stuffs. Thanks for reading my post.


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