Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello Kitty Overload

It's glad to be back in blogging world! I didn't find time to post new updates due to the daily "blackouts" or "brownouts" here in our city. It is so annoying to have at least two to three hours of blackout. How I wish it will end up so soon.  So back to my topic today... In the past few days, I'am busy on online shopping! Yeah, one of my hobby is to shop online. And it makes my wallet and pocket really empty. HAHA :D Last August 29, 2013 I've received a mail from Precious Memoire, who's an online seller in Instagram that sells all stuffs of Hello Kitty. Her Hello kitty shop is one of my favorite shop in IG. That's why I immediately purchase some of her HK stuffs. Ma. Cecilia is the owner of Precious Memoire and she's very approchable and very patient to answer all your queries. I really had a smooth and fast transaction with her. I've received my package after two days. And I really appreciate the sticker as a freebie. Thank you so much!  So here's what I purchased from her shop:

Pair of Hello Kitty Contact Lens Container/Case. This is a very adorable case lens that I've had. It's very helpful and can bring anywhere with you.

Hello Kitty Remote Control Holder. A very cute and an eye-catching for your remote control. But I also use this holder for my phone. hihi^^ This holder comes from a soft fabric with a cute HK                bow on it. Your remote control will surely protected because it's front cover is a net type.

 Hello Kitty Face Headset. Since I love music this one is useful to me. I love my new headset because of it's big HK face on it. Really a center of attraction if you'll gonna use it  at school or at work.

Hello Kitty Hair Brush. This comes in a variety of color. This comb really makes your hair soft. It's light and not really that big. My nephew loves my HK comb and he used it to brush his teeth.                  Hahaha too naughty!

It makes myself really satisfied whenever I buy new HK items because it added to my Hello Kitty collections. I'am wishing to have my own room in the future to decorate it with all my HK stuffs that I have. Being a collector you should don't forget to spend a little then save the rest! Even though I'am an online shopper addict I always bear in mind to save something so that I have my own savings. It's not bad to spend more but be wise enough. 

Thank you for reading my post today. Have a sweet good night. Kisses!

 Get those stuffs at Precious Memoire: Instagram

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