Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shopping x Beauty

Hi there lovelies! Sorry for abandoning my blog for 8 months :( Gosh! I feel so guilty but it wasn't my intention at all. By the way, today is San Juan Day it is a unique holiday that were celebrating here in the Philippines because in this day you're going to be WET! I mean people will roam in the streets bringing their own buckets of water and if they see somebody who is not yet wet they will surely pour you a water. So if I were you bring extra clothes.

Well, the story behind of this celebration is that the City of San Juan Philippines in Metro Manila is named after St. John the Baptist who was the person that supposedly baptized Jesus Christ himself with water. So to commemorate this, every June 24, which is the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist, people of San Juan, Manila celebrate this by wetting everyone they see!

Alright here's my fresh short entry for my blog. So let's start!
Because of my busy schedule at work as an employee and in my online business too I wasn't able to find time to blog again. Last week, I went for shopping and bought few beauty products that I can use everyday. And this is what caught my eyes.. Tadaaaa!!!

I bought Whitening Pack, Nose Pack, Face Powder, Gold Mask, BN Extreme Soap and Lotion. Take note those beauty products are very affordable only but effective. I'am going to make a review on each of those beauty products that I bought. I hope you keep on following and reading my blog. That's all for today! 

Good bye!!! 

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