Wednesday, August 6, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE - Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet

ETUDE HOUSE presents Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet

Hi there dearies! Now it's time for me to blog about a beauty products. Every ladies in Asia or even in other country if you're going to ask them what's their favorite beauty products most of them will say ETUDE HOUSE. Yes! I personally love all the products of Etude House besides I love every details found in their shop. Girly or "kikay" type of girls who loves PINK will definitely understand me. Some of the Korean Superstar are the model of Etude products just like the 2NE1 member, Dara Park.

Etude House release a new product and it is the Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet. It is 25g, five sheets and has a five types of Mask that you can choose.Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet enhanced moisturizing, super long keeping moisturizing, High affinity with skin and excellent super gel and it has NO artificial colors. Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet contains pearls with rich mineral and Vitamin C to give vitality into skin. Here's the five types of Mask:

Learn how to use Skin Note Hydrogel Mask Sheet with these simple steps.

1. After washing your face, apply the toner.
2. Take the mask out of the packaging.
3. Unfold mask and apply directly onto your face.
4. After 15-20 minutes, take the mask off and pat down the excess content into the skin.

Tell me ladies what's your favorite Hydrogel Mask and why? Share it to me now. Thank you for reading! 

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