Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Explore: Pink Bow

Holaaa! This time I'll share to you guys my experiences and exploration while I' am not active here in my blog. Honestly, I've been busy this past few months with my work and with my vacation leave that's why it is not easy for me to have a free time to blog. Anyway, let's start our October first with this fresh entry of mine. I'am very happy to share you my newest exploration here in my beloved City. If you are searching for a cute or unique place to visit here in PH why not try to visit the newly open "Waffle Dinner" which is called the Pink Bow and take note it can only be found here in Zamboanga City. 

Pink Bow is a waffle dinner which serves various foods and refreshments and they also serving up some extra special treats! Pink Bow is a room for desserts and they served some delectable delights. So are you a sweet tooth? 
When I first heard about it I was so excited and I can't describe how much I'am happy to know that there will be a Hello Kitty Cafe-like that's going to open here in my city. If you don't know me yet I'm a Hello Kitty addict or fanatic. Anything about Hello Kitty makes me smile and my heart is filled with joy whenever there's a new establishment that will open specially if it is something to do with Hello Kitty.
Pink Bow is located at Estrada Street, Brgy. Tetuan, Zamboanga City. I visited Pink Bow together with my boyfriend and we're very excited to see the place what it looks like and how does their dishes taste. And of course I'm gonna rate it too! hehe. To know more about the shop just...scroll down!

Affordable right? Plus you're going to enjoy your food. 
Table numbers at Pink Bow. 

Here are some of their mouth watering waffles! 
Oreo Waffle Meal

Banana Waffle Meal 

Mango Waffle Meal

Strawberry Waffle Meal

New desserts are in! Try these now.
Pink Bow's Mango Float

Magnum Strawberry Waffle
OMG! I need to try this Magnum Strawberry Waffle the next time I visit Pink Bow!!! 
The very first time we went to Pink Bow it is CLOSED! Because it's Sunday that time. And I thought that it's still open even on Sundays but it was not. So my boyfriend just took this photo and it is actually how it looks like outside.

So here's a glimpse of my second visit in the Pink Bow.

This is my cute hello kitty table number 10. 

Taking selfies while waiting for our order. Ooh excuse my haggard face I just came from an overnight that's why I look tired. Sorry!

I ordered one of the BEST SELLER in the house the Oreo Waffle Meal and Choco Lava in a Mug. My boyfriend just drunk a four season and became my photographer. Because he's a type of guy who doesn't really appreciate sweets. 

A cute pink bucket for tissue with hello kitty sticker on it.

A very unique Hello Kitty face counter. This is what you will see first when you enter in Pink Bow. Eye-catching counter!

 Pink Bow is very attractive and eye catching to any customer. But it is NOT spacious they only have I think six seats. And that's the reason why it is very crowded inside.

 The moment I tried there waffles I'm already in love with it. It is the best waffle I've ever tried so far. That's why it's their BEST SELLER. All foods served are desserts so expect it's all about sweets.

Okay I hope you enjoy my entry today. Please comment below if you have any thoughts or questions. Byeee!

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