Monday, September 8, 2014

The 8th Star Magic Ball

The Star Magic Ball is a big event where you can see a local celebrities gathered in this kind of occasion. In the red carpet you'll see your favorite celebrities that will ramp with there best gown or look. Some of them have a date and some will come alone. Of course, people in the social media sites are waiting if what will they favorite celebrities will look like, what gown are they going to use, and who will be the most glamorous above all.

For this years Star Magic Ball, let's take a look some of the famous local celebrities who attends the ball and shine that night. Enjoy!

1. Kim Chiu

  Honestly, I love the gown of Kim it's simple yet it's sexy when she showed her back. 

2. Maja Salvador

Maja goes white now and she look's fierce and classy with her gown.

3. Bea Alonzo
Bea with her long time boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo at the red carpet.

Bea look's like Cleopatra isn't she?

4. Julia Barretto
Julia looks so stunning as she awarded as the Best Dress of the night. Really her gown is so fabulous!

5. Kathryn Bernardo
Teen Queen, Kathryn B. in her goddess look! KathNiel trends in twitter during the SMB.

6. Megan Young

The Miss World 2013 Megan Young in her glamorous gown! Very detailed and sexy in her. At first I bet her to be the Best Dress of the Night because she deserves it too!

So that's it! I pick my top 6 celebrities that really talked about and shine in the Star Magic Ball. I know you notice that I didn't pick for males because I was just focused with the female celebrities in that event. I hope you guys enjoy with this post. Thank you!

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