Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Share a Coke...

Hi there guys! Do you want to know what's new in the world of Coca-Cola? Well, everyone in the PH is getting crazy in their new latest advertisement which is "Share A Coke".  I know you guys already watch their TVC. There are celebrities like Gary V and his son Gab Valenciano, who enjoyed also their Share a Coke during the recent concert of the Mr. Pure Energy.

Watch the recent TVC of Coca-Cola here:

Honestly, I really want to have my name printed in the bottle of Coca-Cola too! That's why I visited their site to know more. So it's very simple to have your name printed on it all you need to do is read and follow the instructions and if you want to vote for your name you may also. Here's my Share a Coke bottle..

Vote for JACKIE to be printed on a Coke!
 Visit www.shareacoke.com.ph to vote! #ShareACoke

But there's more, if you want to get a free personalized FREE Coca-Cola follow this steps!
1. Buy P150 worth of Coca-Cola products.
2. Go to the Share a Coke booth with your receipt.
3. Take your stub.
4. Get your personalized Coca-Cola from the Coke Vending Machine.

That's it! And you may start enjoying your Coke and share it together with your friends, family or even with your office mates. Take a selfie with your personalized Coca-Cola with a hashtag of #ShareACoke Share the happiness!! And share the good vibes.

Visit the ff sites of Coca-Cola:

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